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ATTN Sellers: Importance of Listing Pictures | July 18, 2012

The pictures your Realtor takes of your home is the most important responsibility of their job.  The pictures that are taken of your home are everywhere.  Your Realtor will use these pictures in the news paper, trade magazines, and most importantly they will use these pictures on line on hundreds of home searching sites.

Today I want to stress why the pictures of your home can either sell your home or send the buyers running.

The latest National Association of Realtors statistic states that about 90% of home buyers begin their search on line and out of those 90% of buyers almost 100% buy a home they found on line.  In today’s times prospective buyers are doing all they can to find out as much information as possible before they contact a Realtor.  Most of the information they are getting is from the Internet, so it is imperative that as a Realtor we provide the most accurate information and best looking pictures we can.

It upsets me to see some of the pictures that an agent will post of a seller’s home.  They just flat out look bad and in no way would entice me to want to see more.  Buyers are ruling homes out just by pictures.  If your agent does not have good pictures buyers will not ever think of your house again.  The pictures need to be clear, bright, uncluttered, taken with a wide angle lens, and there needs to be as many pictures as possible to give the buyer an insight from all angles.

As a seller if you have not done so I encourage you to google your address and see what the pictures look like of your home.  If they would not entice you to want to see more of the home then buyers will have the same reaction.  Discuss with you agent the importance of pictures and let them know you will be checking them out to make sure they meet your satisfaction.

When I list a home my job is to make sure that a potential buyer does not rule the house out on line.  If a buyer does not want to buy one of my listings that meets their criteria I want it to be because they walked through the door.  I don’t want them to rule it out because of bad pictures, so I take great care with the photos of my homes I have listed.

Remember when buyers are looking on line they are looking for reasons not to look at your house.  They are not looking for reasons to look at your house.  I have found that bad/few pictures will give them that reason they need to reduce the 50 houses they pulled up in their search parameter to about 10 that they want to go see.

For further information on this subject please give me a call or email me.  Thank you.


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