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Now is still a good time to buy | May 12, 2010

Now that the $8,000 tax credit has ended it seems the phones have stopped ringing.  Even though the tax credit (which was over rated in my opinion), has ended now is still a great time to buy.  I say the first time home buyer credit is overrated is because there are so many stipulations that make it hard for most people to take full advantage.  For more details please call me and we can discuss this further.

Today I want to stress the low interest rates that are still present.  Even today rates are still historically low.  This will help keep your payment lower and cost you thousands less on your home over the term of the loan. 

Also, there are more and more properties on the market causing sellers to have to offer more incentives to make their property more appealing than the next one.  Sellers are offering closing cost assistance, home warranties, price reductions, decorating allowances, and the list goes on.

Please do not let this perfect time to buy pass you up.  You will regret it in the future.


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