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Retaining Clients | September 17, 2009

What do clients want from their Realtor?  Attention, respect, communication, patience, understanding, accurate information, caring attitude, and the list goes on and on. 

It is very simple what clients expect from their agents.  If you don’t provide your clients what they deserve you are going to lose that client.  Agents talk all the time about how they lost another client and don’t know why.  I know why.  You lost your client because you did not give them the service they deserve.  I am confident that any agent can keep any client forever.  Just give them what they want.  Am I right clients?  You tell, me what does it take to continue using your agent through this transaction and future real estate ventures?

When you lose your client you did not do something they deserved.  Clients deserve to be treated just as you would like to be treated.  I call all my clients on a weekly basis even if there is nothing to report.  If I have a listing and there has not been any showings I will call you.  I will tell you if we have not had any calls.  At the same time I will go over my marketing efforts for the past week and any suggestions to help generate more activity.

In the four years of practicing real estate I have not lost a single client because I give my clients what they deserve and expect.  I am proud to state this.  I am proud to be there for my clients.  After all it is what they hired me for.

Guys it is not that hard.  Quit complaining about losing clients and take care of them!  Thats all they want.

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