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ATTN Sellers: Offer mortgage payment protection to your prospective buyers | June 5, 2009

Century 21 is offering a new service to sellers that may help you sale your house even faster.  Read on:

We have great news for you and your agents! Through the
CENTURY 21 Business Benefits® program your sellers can now offer a mortgage payment protection plan to homebuyers. This program, available from The Paycheck Guardian, features Job Loss Protection, Accidental Disability Protection, and Accidental Death Protection.

If a seller agrees to purchase the program, then the seller can include this program as an additional feature on their home listing. The program provides a qualified homebuyer with a monthly benefit of up to $1,500 for 6 months in the event the buyer becomes unemployed. The plan also includes a lump-sum payment for Accidental Death of $10,000.

Program benefits include:
•Peace of Mind Protection – addresses the fear of job loss
•Pays cash benefits directly to the home buyer if their income stops due to job loss or accidental disability
•$10,000 lump sum accidental death benefit
•Covered individual can receive up $1,500 per month
•4 or 6 month benefit plans available
•Differentiates sellers’ listing from others on the market
•No sign up fees
•No premium payment until the home is sold
•Easy Internet enrollment after closing
Are any of your sellers having trouble finding a buyer? Have them offer this protection plan to sweeten the offer! It’s a benefit that any buyer would appreciate, and it can help give them the confidence and peace of mind to close the deal!

*Please note that this program is currently not available in the following states: AK, AR, CO, CT, KY, MA, MN, NH, NY and WA.


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